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Whether it's conquering a specific skill or nailing a difficult performance, success in playing an instrument is a rewarding and empowering process.
The basis of a well rounded trumpet education includes not only playing the instrument itself, but also learning basic practise strategies, and gaining proficiency in a number of skills: breathing, mouthpiece buzzing, hearing and reproducing pitch and rhythm, critical listening, reading music of varied styles, and understanding music theory and even general cultural and historical contexts.
My philosophy of teaching is centred in providing tailored instruction based on a students’ specific needs and aspirations, and the belief that learning never ends. Private lessons provide the venue for this type of learning to take place, and in this one on one environment my students have the benefit of my knowledge and experience, as well as my full attention focussed on their individual issues and goals.
All of us have the capacity for improvement, but with constructive guidance and mentorship, that improvement can be virtually assured, and playing and performing can become a long term source of enjoyment.
I teach privately, give coachings and classes, and teach Applied Trumpet as an Adjunct Faculty Member of the Redeemer University College Music Department, and Instructor of classical Trumpet at Mohawk College.

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